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Let's go to New Hampshire with the Hastings Family!

My Grandmother, Frances Hastings Cook wrote on the back of these photos that
"Grandma & Grandpa & Aunt Bertha stayed here summers."
which translates to:
Leander & Lucy Hastings & Bertha Hastings spent their summers at this cottage; the family either owned or rented this place.  The date I have for these photographs is 1915.
Great East Lake, East Wakefield, New Hampshire
This site has a photo of the lake that is taken from the same spot as all of these family photos!
Great East Lake is half in New Hampshire, and half in Maine.
I am curious about this 'cottage' and if it was family owned - possibly by Leander Hastings mother's side of the family (Ann Parks Hastings), or Leander's wife's side of the family (Lucy Lowe Hastings).
Searching the internet about Great East Lake, and the towns of Wakefield & East Wakefield (the location of "Camp Katherine"), it appears to be very developed with beautiful lake front modern homes and gated communities.  Scanning all the Google maps is of no use because of the highly developed area around the lake, unless I had a specific number and/or street of the cottage (which was most likely torn down years ago). 
 The shores of Great East Lake:


Written on the back of the two smaller 'boat' photos is
"Vera, Betty, Martha and me FWH"
which translates to:
Betty - Elizabeth Hastings
Martha Hastings
Frances Hastings
and Vera (unknown)
 Left to right - Vera, Betty, Martha, Frances           Left to right - Vera, Frances, Martha, Betty

This large group photograph is just wonderful, unfortunately I can only identify some of the people.
Bertha Hastings is standing by the post on the right, with Leander Hastings sitting in front of her - it is possible that the man to the left of Leander is his father or a brother, as there is a striking resemblance.  I believe the 'frail' woman reclining in the middle could be Ann Parks Hastings, Leander's mother.  Harry Hastings is in the very back almost middle of the photo, with Martha Hastings standing in front of him, and Gerald Hastings on the left of Harry. Vera is standing in front of Gerald.  To the left of Vera, is Lucy Hastings.  Harry Hastings Jr. "Junie" is the smallest child near the middle, being held by a woman that is an unknown to me. The child on the far left sitting next to the post is Elizabeth "Betty" Hastings.  I do not see my grandmother, Frances Hastings, so possibly she is taking the photograph. Malcolm is the young man in the very front with a small dog; but I do not know who Malcolm is. These other people may be New Hampshire relatives (?).

The hard working 'country men'!  The back of this photograph states:
"Camp Catherine at Great East Lake about 45 years ago.  Grandfather Hastings, Mr. John Travers and Dad"; which translates to, left to right: 1915, Leander Hastings, John Travers, Harry Hastings.

The back of this photo states:
"Camp Catherine at Great East Lake about 45 years ago; Betty - Malcolm - Martha"
A penciled notation says Aug. 1960, so if you subtract 45 years from that we get 1915, which is what was written on the front of one of the boating photographs.  I do not know who Malcolm is, but probably a New Hampshire relative/resident.

Harry Leander Hastings, Jr.  "Junie"

The village of Wakefield, New Hampshire

Visits to relatives in the village Wakefield, NH... while staying at Camp Katherine (East Wakefield, NH).  One photos says "Aunt Annie's house", and we have several unidentified people within the New Hampshire collection of photos.



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