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Hastings Family Crest & Early Hastings Families

23 Westland Street, Worcester, MA
c: 1905

Written on the back: "Grandmother Smith, my mother's mother, and Frances"
c: 1899
Translated means: Sarah Howland Shove Smith, b: 3-17-1841/d: 7-4-1931 (my great great grandmother)
holding her granddaughter: Frances Watrous Hastings Cook, b:9-21-1899/d: 5-25-1994 (my grandmother)
Sarah was the mother to Margaret Isabelle Smith Watrous Hastings. Sarah "gave" Margaret Isabelle Smith to her sister Fanny Harriet Shove Watrous, who was married to Francis E. Watrous, (Margaret's uncle and aunt adopted her and thus she had the last name of Watrous on her marriage certificate when she married Harry Leander Hastings, and the reason why she has this long name of Margaret Isabelle Smith Watrous Hastings!

Written on the back: "Mother's Father, my Grandfather".

Translated means:  William Beach Smith, b:9-4-1835/d:8-19-1909 (my great, great Grandfather).
He married Sarah Howland Shove.  Sarah and William had Grace Smith, Margaret Isabelle Smith, William Henry Smith, Frank Watrous Smith, Lewellyn Lockwood Smith, and Ruth Ann Smith... with that many children, I guess they felt they could give one to her sister Fanny and her husband Francis E. Watrous since they were a childless couple.

This family gathering was on July 4, 1925, at 23 Westland St., Worcester, MA
Seated:  Lucy Maria Lowe Hastings, b:3-11-1845/d:8-?-1930 & Leander Augustus Hastings, b:3-26-1843/d:10-18-1925, Founder of L.A. Hastings & Co., fine leather goods.
Standing in back left to right:  Frances Watrous Hastings Cook, b:9-21-1899/d:5-25-1994
Elizabeth Lucy Hastings Rairden, b:8-20-1903/d:10-6-1965;
Child standing: Martha Louise Cook Stiles, b:8-28-1923/d:12-31-1994
 Child in Leander's lap: Elizabeth Lucy Rairden Ramsey Harris, b: 3-28-1925/d:8-07-2001 


Leander and Lucy Hastings had two children: 
Harry Leander Hastings, b: 4-19-1875/d: 10-28-1946
Bertha May Hastings, b: 5-12-1881/d: 10-26-1972
Leander Hastings founded the business, L.A. Hastings & Co., in 1867, originally at Exchange St., Worcester, MA; later in 1890 at 14 Foster St., Worcester, MA.  The business was Incorporated in 1900 with President Harry W. Marsh (behind counter); Treasurer Leander Augustus Hastings (I assume also behind the counter);  Secretary Harry Leander Hastings (in aisle); I do not know who the woman in the photograph might be...  In later years Harry Hastings became President-Treasurer of the company.  The business had a "reputation of being the seat of fine harness & leather goods."

Family of Harry Leander Hastings & Margaret Isabelle Smith Watrous Hastings
Children, left to right:
Frances Watrous Hastings Cook, b: 9-21-1899/d: 5-25-1994
Martha Watrous Hastings, b: 3-4-1905/d: 5-20-1984
Gerald Leander Hastings (twin), b: 8-20-1903/d: 2-18-1947
Elizabeth Lucy Hastings Rairden (twin), b: 8-20-1903/d: 10-6-1965
The youngest child was not born when this photo was taken:
Harry Leander Hastings, Jr., b: 1-12-1912/d: 12-24-1938.

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