Monday, February 17, 2014

Off to Alabama with the Hastings Family!

Who knew we had "Southern Cousins"?
The back of this first photograph states:
"Grandfather - Grandmother and Southern cousins, Prattville, Alabama"
Seated in front middle is Lucy & Leander Hastings.  I do not know any of these other 'cousins'!
There is nothing on the back of the second photo, but it appears to be Leander sitting with all these finely dressed 'southern belles'.

Written on this photograph, in a strange handwriting that I do not recognize is:
"My residence, Mrs. Pratt, Prattville, Alabama".

Wow!  What is up with the deer in the front yard??

On the second photo, written on the back by my grandmother, Frances Hastings Cook, is:
"Pratt Cousin's house in Alabama."

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